Navigating the world of legal systems can be complex — and even more complex when you do not have enough knowledge on how the processes work. This is true with probate. When do you need a probate lawyer for the estate you are dealing with? There are a number of things you need to know before you can even pick up the phone to call a prospective lawyer or a law firm.

You will most likely need a probate attorney when…

  • The assets you are dealing with cannot be transferred outside probate – there are assets that can bypass probate such as those held in living trusts; those that are held in joint tenancy, survivorship community property, or tenancy by the entirety do not need to undergo a probate process as well.
  • The estate (asset) does not qualify for the state’s simple ‘small estate’ procedures – assets that fall within this category do not need probate; instead you are just required to present a sworn statement (affidavit) to the entity or person holding the asset (you can check more information on affidavit for transfer of property at the California Court website)
  • The estate contains more than just common assets – common assets include home, bank accounts, and brokerage accounts. If you are dealing with assets that require the managing, appraisal, or selling of a business, then you will need the professional help of a probate attorney.
  • The will is contested – any family members making noise about suing over the estate, then help from a legal expert can be necessary who can help in avoidng a possible court battle.

Finding a probate attorney, San Diego, CA

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