Conservatorship is a protective court proceeding where a judge appoints a responsible person called a “conservator” to care for another adult, the conservatee, who can no longer care for themselves or their finances. This process can be complex that is it ideal to hire a top-notch conservatorship attorney La Jolla CA. Talking about being top-notch, the Law Offices of Ronald R. Webb qualifies for such requirement; conservatorship is one of area of legal services that our lawyers have been providing for clients in La Jolla and its surrounding area, particularly for those who are vulnerable due to a disability or illness – we’re no stranger to this job.

Some questions to ask when hiring a conservatorship attorney

An expert conservatorship attorney La Jolla CA should be able to provide clear answers for the following questions (if they can’t, you have a valid reason to find another service provider):

  • When is a probate conservatorship appropriate?
  • What is the process of setting up a conservatorship?
  • What is the cost of setting up a conservatorship?
  • What are the powers the conservator gains?
  • How can I prepare for myself in case I am no longer capable to take care of myself and my finances?

Types of conservatorship

Conservatorships of the person – A conservator of the person is assigned to manage the conservatee’s physical well-being and needs, which include food, clothing, personal care, housekeeping, recreation, health care, as well as transportation.

Conservatorships of the estate – A conservator takes charge of the financial affairs of a person who is essentially not able to take care of their financial resources or to resist fraud or undue influence.

LPS conservatorship (for mental health) – This type of conservatorship, which is initiated by a treatment center, is for people suffering from mental disorders such as Schizophrenia, Manic Depression, and other mental ailments specified in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)

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