Looking for a highly qualified probate attorney in La Jolla, CA? Do this

Okay, you need a probate attorney in La Jolla, CA to help you get through the entire legal process of probate. The question is how to find the most qualified one? After all, hiring one means spending some serious amount for legal fees and you need to make sure that you (and the people you are representing) are getting the money’s worth.

While there is no one-size-fits-all formula (as every case is unique), the following can help in finding the most qualified probate attorney in the area:

Begin your quest online. The reason why you should begin your search online is that you can find as many prospects as you like in the most efficient way. You can do it right at the comfort of your home and with just a few clicks. How do you harness the power of online technology to find a probate attorney? Go to several lawyers directories (such as this one), where you can find a legit list of lawyers, together with their portfolio and reviews from clients. Online search allows you to build a list of highly-qualified prospects.

Trim down your list. After doing an online search, you should have built a solid list of prospects already. But that does not end there; you have to trim your list down to the most qualified probate attorney in La Jolla, CA. How do you do that? This time, you have to re-enforce your findings during online search by contacting each your prospects (let’s say you have listed 10 lawyers or firms). You can ask several questions as part of your criteria, such as the following:

  • How long have you been handling probate cases?
  • How many probate cases have you handled?
  • How can I keep probate fees down? Are you willing to work with me on that?
  • How do you bill me for your work: by the hour, a flat rate, or some other way?
  • Do you use paralegals to assist with the probate work? How are they being paid?
  • Will you prepare final tax returns for the deceased person and the estate?
  • How long, approximately, will it take to go through probate?
  • About how much do you think it will cost?

By having such questions answered by different lawyers, you are able to make some effective comparison and make note of their different approaches. Of course, you can add more questions based on your unique condition.

Visit the law firm. After doing the items specified above, you should be able to trim the list by now down to a few prospects. Who made the cut? To choose from your final list, what you can do is to visit them in their office. Doing so will give you a useful insight on how they actually work along with the company they are representing.

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