Is hiring a living trust attorney in Encinitas, CA, necessary? This is one of the most common questions we get from prospective clients, most especially those who are building an estate plan. If you do a search online, you will find varying answers to this question from the legal community. But here’s the thing that you should understand: every person is unique; your case can be quite different from others. Therefore, you need to weigh things carefully before taking any action – on whether or not to hire a living trust attorney, Encinitas, CA.

To help you make the most appropriate decision, I am sharing below some of the reasons why you might need a lawyer to help you set-up your living trust.

Your estate plan is complex. For example, if your plan includes generation skipping or beneficiaries with special needs or high dollar insurance policies, among others, then hiring a living trust lawyer can be a great help. Remember, living trust lawyers can do more than just preparing the estate planning documents; they can help you every step of the process.

You are not that familiar with state law. They say doing something that you do not know or you are not familiar with is dangerous, and that is also true even in estate planning, particularly when establishing a living trust. The legal aspects of living trust is something that cannot be ignored. Remember that state laws control how trusts can be designed, which types of assets can be owned, as well as the details about the trustees, trust execution, among other pertinent matters. If you are not familiar with what you do and you do it all by yourself, how can you ensure that your trust can realize your goals.

You want a peace of mind. Doing something you are not familiar with can give you sleepless night and anxiety. This is the reason why many do not gamble on a DIY strategy of establishing a living trust. While there are some resources available that can help you to work it out, having someone who is an expert in living trust, helping you every step of the way – be it a personal or professional matter – is something that can give you a peace of mind.

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