All of the prospective attorneys you have on your list may claim that they are the most qualified in town. But the fact remains that not all lawyers are equal. Thus, it makes sense to be more careful when choosing an estate planning attorney, San Diego.

Asking the following questions can help you trim your list down to the most qualified ones and eventually select the best one.

How long has this estate planning attorney been practicing?

They say that experience polishes expertise, and that is true when it comes to estate planning services. That is why it is crucial to ask your prospects the number of years they have been in practice. Asking this question allows you to find the ‘seasoned’ ones.

Is the primary service estate planning?

Your prospective attorney might be offering an estate planning service, but it’s not their area of specialization. Consider a candidate only if the answer to this question is YES. An estate planning specialist means updated with all the changes to legal statutes in San Diego. It also means that the attorney has the necessary strategic know-how to craft your estate planning documents in the most effective way possible.

Does the attorney execute the plan?

The truth is, some lawyers merely draw up estate planning documents, while others also work with the associated trusts. Choosing the latter, in general, is more efficient and practical as it ensures the transfer of correct assets into the trust.

Does the attorney conduct periodic reviews?

Why are periodic reviews crucial? Because life changes are inevitable. Perhaps there are new additions to your family. Or, you might recently have acquired new assets that merit adjustments to your estate plan. Choosing an estate planning attorney, San Diego, who, for a small fee, can conduct a semi-annually or annually review of your affairs can provide you an advantage.

How does the attorney charge?

There are estate planning attorneys that charge flat fees; others bill you by the hour. Others do both, where they bill you a fixed rate on standard services – like establishing a Trust – and then bill you an hourly rate for specific tasks. Regardless, you must ask this question early on so that you can figure out the number and do what the number tells you.

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