A living trust is an important document that will have a significant impact on your life and the lives of your loved ones in the long run. It allows you to put your assets into a place that safeguards them during your lifetime. After your passing, assets you put into the trust get distributed to the intended beneficiaries sans the intervention of the court through a probate process.

Given the value of this document, it makes sense that you seek the help of a living trust attorney, El Cajon. You would want to ensure that everything is on the right track as you craft your living trust. With that said, you must ask the right questions to your attorney when you finally meet to have a thorough discussion of your case.

Here are some crucial questions you should ask your living trust attorney about:

  • What particular assets can go into a Living Trust? (As there are certain types of assets you cannot put into a living trust)
  • Who should be my trustee? And, can you give me a set of criteria for selection? (So that you can choose the best from among your prospects)
  • Does a living trust avoid estate and probate taxes? (You want to make sure so that you can have an idea how to take advantage of tax benefits)
  • What are the benefits of a living trust? (So that you can weigh whether or not working on it is worth your time and energy)
  • What are the drawbacks of a living trust? (Because this allows you to make a comparative analysis – advantages versus disadvantages)
  • Do I still need a power of attorney? (Because a living trust attorney, El Cajon, can guide you in preparing other documents as part of your estate plan)
  • What is the difference between a living trust vs. will? (A solid understanding of the difference between the two can help in your decision-making process)
  • How do I create a living trust? (So that you would know the most efficient process to accomplish a living trust)

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