This holiday season is an ideal occasion for families to come together to celebrate life. It is the time of year to give thanks for all the blessings received. But it is also a season of giving, which is why people get busy shopping and wrapping presents.

Apart from the gifts you usually put under Christmas trees, your loved ones get a more precious gift in the form of estate planning, Pacific Beach, CA. And the holiday season is a perfect time to discuss it with them.

Here are some compelling reasons why estate planning should be on your holiday to-do list.

A gift that keeps on giving – with estate planning, Pacific Beach, CA, you are giving your loved ones a gift that lasts. It is something that lives even when you are no longer around. And that is something that you find fulfilling.

A tool to avoid potential conflict – when you explicitly state your wishes in your estate plans, such as in your last will or living trust, then your loved ones can avoid possible conflict that could end up in a court battle. And this is particularly useful for unconventional families such as blended families.

A shield from tax bites – as mentioned, estate planning is all about protecting your loved ones. You cannot give them the asset protection you want if a big part of it goes to the IRS, which you could avoid with living trusts. The goal is to transfer your assets to your intended heirs by minimizing their possible tax obligations.

It’s always good to start the year off right – the thing about starting the year well is that it tends to continue throughout the year. Once you jumpstart the year, the positive notes tend to last. Working on your estate plan this holiday gives you peace of mind, knowing that your loved ones have the protection they need.

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