You may be in the pink of health right now, but that may not always be the case. Nobody is invincible from illnesses or any other medical issues that may render you incapacitated to make a healthcare decision for yourself.

Now, the question: Should you no longer be capable of making a healthcare decision (for yourself), how can you ensure you get the medical care you want? That is when living wills in San Diego come into play. They can help your loved ones as such documents will make your wishes known, eliminating the agonizing guesswork about what you would have wanted.

So, here are some fundamentals about living wills in San Diego you should be aware of:

Living will and medical power of attorney into one document in California

While other states have separate documents for a living will and medical power of attorney, California combines them into one called advance health care directives. In other words, having an advance health care directive in the state only needs one document to fill out, sign, and get notarized.

Who can benefit from a living will?

Anybody can benefit from having a living will as it will help one for incapacity – be it expected or unexpected. However, for some, creating a living will may entail some sense of urgency, most especially if one is in the following situations:

  • A long-term or terminal illness or other serious health issues
  • Scheduled to undergo a serious medical procedure
  • Advanced age
  • Moving into a nursing home or long-term care facility

Who makes health care decisions for you?

In California, the person you name in your living will (called your agent) will make healthcare decisions for you. Usually, one designates the spouse, partner, relative, or close friend as the agent. The California law provides that an agent may not be your healthcare provider who is treating you, an employee of your treating health care provider, or an operator or employee of a community care facility. (you can talk to your living will attorney to know more about the specifics on this)

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