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    What is an Estate?

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    An estate is defined as sum total of a person’s real and personal property at a given time, usually at the time of the person’s death or incapacitation. It means that your house in San Diego, car, appliance, and your other personal trinkets, make up your estate. At first, this may not come into play, but when the time you die or got incapacitated comes, the question of who controls your estate will play a big part on the lives of everyone you hold dear.

    San Diego Estate Planning

    As much as you lock your doors at night to secure yourselves from thieves, you need estate planning too, to secure your properties so your will can still control how your estate should be distributed when the time for doing such comes. With good estate planning, you can still control on how you want your assets in San Diego and anywhere else to be distributed or how you want your medical affairs to be executed.

    The Law Offices of Ronald Webb is your best bet when it comes to San Diego estate planning. Our San Diego estate planning lawyers will do anything in their power to make sure that no matter what happens, it will still be you that will exercise direct control and authority over your properties and assets.

    Who Needs Estate Planning?

    Estate planning is your only way to secure control over your properties even after death and/or incapacitation. For older people, it is important that you start the process of transferring your properties to your grown children and loved ones. For starting families, it is also as important, as you need to secure the welfare of your children, so no matter what happens to you, they will always be provided with. Even young adults will benefit with estate planning, as this will give their older parents a sense of security, while they still have no family of their own. So in a nutshell, everyone needs estate planning!

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