Estate Planning

In our lives, we have done a lot of planning. In fact, we have planned to almost everything: weddings, schedules, and even the food we will eat. Planning can be done with your estate too, and it is necessary for you to have an estate plan, regardless of your age. Because a lack of one can cause disaster, once you die or get incapacitated without arranging for an estate plan. But it’s never too late to plan ahead, and if you need legal aid, the lawyers from The Law Offices of Ronald Webb will be there to help you.

La Jolla Estate Planning Lawyers

For those living in La Jolla, The Law Offices of Ronald Webb is ready to provide you with anything you need in making any estate planning. Our lawyers can help you make your own estate plan that will secure your properties even to the moment you become incapacitated to manage it. This is a great way to ensure your family that they are always provided with, even up to the day you die.

Living Trust

A living trust is an arrangement done to give control or to take control of your properties while you are still alive. Once you enter in a living trust, you, a beneficiary, will be able to avoid probate when you die and it avoids the court to control your assets as you have already given its control to your trustee. This is a great way to ensure your heirs that your legacy to them will not be reduced to a mere spare change.

Is Having A Living Trust Important?

Yes. Living trust ensures that you will remain in control in how to manage your estate even if you have become incapacitated. It also gives way to other property management plans that will further your estate security in years to come. And besides, if you have planned everything in your life, it wouldn’t hurt to plan for your life’s work. Remember, this is your legacy that we are talking about, and you should take this matter with utmost care and importance.

So what are you waiting for? Pan for your estate now, before its too late! We will never know when death or incapacitation strikes!

Better be ready than sorry, call us at (858) 558-1191 and we will help you prepare for your estate plan right away!