Estate Planning Lawyer

Your houses, your cars, your toy collection, what do they have in common? They all form part of your estate planning. You estate is all your life’s worth of properties that you have accumulated, which establishes your worth as a person. And what happens if you die? A lot of things. Depends on what you have planned, your estate can either go to your heirs, or get flushed down the drain by multitudes of taxes and government fees. You can still avoid the worst case scenario, but to do this: you will need a plan.

Rancho Bernardo Estate Planning Lawyers

Planning for your estate is not really that complicated; all you need to do is to get help from the people who knows what needs to be done. We from The Law Offices of Ronald Webb is a dedicated law firm that can do exactly as that. Our lawyers can help you prepare for the worst, and they will guide you to ensure that your properties will go to the heirs that you chose—even while avoiding the costly government fees. So wherever you are in the hilly Rancho Bernardo, The Law Offices of Ronald Webb will be there to serve you.

Living Trusts

A living trust is an arrangement that allows you, a trustee, to give control or to take control of your properties while you’re alive. You can really manage your properties even without one, but once you got incapacitated, the court may take control of your properties. Once this happens, your estate may be reduced significantly by probate, taxes, and other expenses provided by the court. Living trusts avoids this conundrum, and it even helps you reduce taxes and even ensures that you are still in control, even if you are incapacitated.

Is Having A Living Trust Important?

Having living trust ensures that you are in control with your properties, even up to the last moment of your life and beyond. This kind of control is really important, as it ensures that your wishes as to how your legacy should be divided among your loved ones will prevail, thus avoiding a probate. If you love your family and want only the best for them, it is better to be ready now than make them suffer later.

Plan your estate now, and secure your legacy. Call us at (858) 558-1191 and we will be happy to serve you. An estate plan can go a long way, so plan ahead and be prepared!