Estate Planning Lawyer

Throughout life, we continuously gather and accumulate wealth. These assets, that we have gathered in our lifelong-worth of work, are called estate. This estate, will determine your worth, and it will also be the thing that your heirs inherit, if you have a plan. If you have no plan however, then things will go messy: it may arise into a lengthy court settlement, a costly probate court trial, or worse, a tragic family conflict. These could be avoided though, and all you need to do is to call for The Law Offices of Ronald Webb!

Rancho Santa Fe Estate Planning Lawyers

The Law Office of Ronald Webb is readily available in Rancho Santa Fe and its neighboring areas. We will give you all the necessary legal aid you need in making a sound estate plan that will protect you and your heir’s interests. Like all other precautions that you have taken, this one too, is an important measure in order to protect your properties from being improperly liquidated once you die or become incapacitated.

Living Trust

Living trust is an arrangement, where you will give control to your properties to another person, a trustee. The good thing about living trust is that you can be a trustee to your own trust, and this keeps control of your properties in a trust. It is also revocable, so you can revoke it whenever you feel like it. Once you have a living trust, courts will no longer take control over your properties, as you have already assigned a trustee beforehand to take it. This will ensure that your wishes will be done, without intervention from the costly probate courts.

Is Having A Living Trust Important?

Having a living trust is a safety measure for your estate. Leaving your properties unattended will only lead to a chaotic whirlpool of probates, taxes, and family conflicts. If you really care for the welfare of your family, you will plan out your estate as early as now. Everyone is at risk when it comes to unprepared estate plans, so whether you’re rich or not, you’re going to need one.

You have no time to lose: call us at (858) 558-1191, and get your estate plan started! Remember, it’s always better to be prepared, get yourself a Estate Planning attorney now, before death or incapacitation strikes!